Monday, September 8, 2014

Numerology: Good Number Bad Number | Which Number is Better One?

-Mahaveer Sanglikar

One may ask that which birth number or life path number is better one? Which is the bad number in numerology?

The answer to this question is not simple. Every number has its own unique positive and negative qualities. A person having any of the numbers can have positive or negative qualities of the number. If a person has developed positive qualities of his number, then that number is better for him. But if he has developed negative qualities of the same number, then that number not a good number for him.

However, some of the numbers are considered as better numbers as the possessors of those numbers can achieve their goals easily and with less struggle. On the other hand, the possessors of some specific numbers have to struggle in life and have to face many problems.

Number 11 and 22 as birth number or life path number are considered as very good numbers. These numbers are known as Master Numbers and the possessor can do an unbelievable work in his field.

For an easy and successful life, following Birth or Life Path numbers with its positive qualities are considered as good numbers: 1, 3, 6.

Further, the numbers 2, 5, 7 with positive qualities are also better numbers, but not as good as the above numbers.

From material point of view, 4 is not a better number, but the possessor of this number can contribute a lot in his field of work.

Number 9 is a great number, but its possessor has to struggle for a long period to achieve success.

From material point of view, 8 is a better number. It is number of power. But the possessor can face many obstacles in his life, especially obstacle related to family and health.

Further, we should remember that in numerology, everybody has three numbers, namely Birth Number, Life Path Number and Name Number. Chances are that everybody has got one or more good numbers. One can change his Name number by changing spelling of his name, or adopting a new name and thus can get a better name number. In case of birth number and life path number one should develop the positive qualities and stay away from negative qualities of the numbers he posses.

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