Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What is Business Numerology?

- Mahaveer Sanglikar
Cell No. 814 970 3595

Numerology has many branches; business numerology is the important and popular branch of numerology. In Business Numerology both name numerology and number numerology is used for the calculations. 

The most important use of business numerology is choosing the right and perfect name for a business. A perfect name according to numerology is a very powerful name which attracts people, gets leads, money flow and gives a great success to the business house. 

Remember that your business name is more important than the money you want to invest in your business, and the talents you are hiring for your business house. It is important than advertising, marketing and sales.

A business numerologist can tell you following important things:  

● What business is suitable for you?
● Which city or area is the best for your business?
● Buying a place for your Office? OK, Is it’s number compatible with you?
● What should be your business house’s name?
● Is the name of your business house correct? Or it requires some changes?
● What are the perfect names for your products and services? Are the names you have chosen for your products numerologically correct?
● What should be the date of inauguration of your business house?
● What should be the date of launching a new product or service?
● Getting a partner? Well, is he compatible, co-operative and supporting to you?
● Is the person right employee to whom you are offering an post?
● Which person is suitable for which post in your business house? 
● Tie up with which business houses will be beneficial to you?

Moreover, a business numerologist can give you solutions on your business problems.

Take expert’s advice for your business solutions:
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